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Bath Saltz - Himalayan Soak

Bath Saltz - Himalayan Soak - Wolf & Pine Herbals
Bath Saltz - Himalayan Soak - Wolf & Pine Herbals
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Bath Saltz - Himalayan Soak

Eat your heart out without eating someone's face off. Now that you're relaxed and not horrible to be around, maybe people can approach you without fearing for their safety.

Himalayan pink salts are high in minerals and provide a light detox while leaving your skin soft. Refreshing aroma of eucalyptus and lemongrass assist in easing tension promote relaxation during bath.

P.S: Don't smoke these.

280 g | 10 oz glass bottle


  • HOW TO

Add handful or desired amount to hot bath. Swirl bath water to dissolve. Get in. Chill.  

Caution: For Christ's sake, be careful getting out of the bathtub. It can be slippery.

  • Promotes a sense of relaxation.  
  • Soothes tense muscles.  
  • Skin feels softer.
  • Provides light detoxing

Himalayan Pink Salt:  Contains all of the 84 trace minerals found in the body. Counteracts inflammation, reduces puffiness and protect against infection by purifying. Soothes and promotes skin renewal.
French Pink Clay: It is considered to be the mildest of all the clays and works well for normal, sensitive and mature skin types. Its unique composition includes numerous minerals. Provides light detox.
Eucalyptus: Promotes feeling of clear breathing. Has herbaceous scent with soft woody undertones. Promotes feelings of relaxation.
Lemongrass: Cleansing & soothing oil. Has astringent properties.

Full list of Ingredients : Himalayan Pink Salt , French Pink Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil*, Cymbopogon Flexuosus (Lemongrass) Leaf Oil*, Mentha Arvensis Peppermint) oil*. *organic/wildcraft

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